Does Physical Location of Servers Matter?

Server location is a vital factor when a web hosting service is considered. The location of the server holds high importance for fast loading speed and for knowing the data center structure. People prefer a server which is closely situated for a better network configuration. But the question is whether server distance really holds any importance for nowadays computing? A detailed study for the comparison between server distance and speed is done.

The physical location of the server played an important role earlier when it was introduced because the networks were not as strong as they are now. The technological base of the server hardware has become old now. The maximum portability of the server was around 100MB/ps. The portability was low and the quality of network was also bad, which resulted in very slow server connection. This problem specially happened when the distance was long and you would have to wait for a long time to upload a single page. The situation has improved since the past few years, as the internet technologies have improved and their business too has taken a big leap. The evident changes that have followed are:

Fiber Network

Fiber network has been utilized in most parts of the world. Some of the countries that have widely used fiber network to upgrade performance are Japan, Europe and America etc. Distant areas can be connected with high octane speed. Fiber network has proved to be a revolutionary step to enhance internet communication.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network is one of the most popular services used nowadays. The technology allows a person to send a particular content to a number of people at a time, no matter which part of the world they are. The files can easily be downloaded to guarantee the fast network. With this service, the problem of server distance no longer persists for faster communication around the globe.

Hardware evolution

The server hardware has improved drastically and is still improving. Now days it is seen that new products are introduced in the market every-day, as a matter of fact the data centers find it convenient to replace the old ones with new, advances and powerful hardware in exchange of less money but the difference in performance is really very high. The new super computer has already crosses old level with 100 billion speed. The makers can conveniently configure fast and more powerful server with the present resources.

Cloud Computing

This is very similar to Content Delivery Network; it is a network based service, where all the server related services are created in the cloud. It cloud computing system can easily be graded from an existing network as long as someone wants to. It is not like the traditional server which required a central server system. This works independently and requires less central server system. If you request a server from United Kingdom or America, it will not have much difference as you will belong from the same cloud computing system.

With the changing time the distance of the server is no longer a concern for the delivery of high speed and performance. But we have to consider it only when the local internet is concerned. You don’t have to worry about the fiber network spread across United States, Europe or Australia because they are interlinked well within the system. But if you are located in a place where the network quality is not very good like Africa, then server distance does play an important role for the business. Network and all other internet related facilities may not be a problem very advanced in places like USA. For such places the local server service should be taken.

If you own a local internet business and you face network problem while connecting overseas server, then a local ISP would be the best available choice. But if you are handling a world -wide business then you need not worry about such issues as pretty good internet facilities are available to all.

Six Tips to Improve Your Online Shopping Store

There is immense potential in online shopping and hence lot of analysis involved in this area. Many firms are in the race of getting more customer attention and knowing what exactly will work for the firm can help. The climate is increasingly competitive, and it is imperative to know what can get you on the right platform and build a solid reputation. We have analyzed and listed six tips that can help improve performance of your online store.

Tip 1: 3-Second Test

The first impression is very important. In humans, it is said that they make their first impression on others in the first 7 seconds. The same applies for online shops also. It is simple, you just have to ask 2 questions to yourself:

  • Can the shoppers find out what the website is selling?
  • Will the shoppers trust the website and use their credit cards on the site?

These are the pain points of a website, and after this, there is engagement, interaction and sales conversion.

Tip 2: Multiple Layouts

It is important to know which pages can convert more customers. Different approaches, items and aesthetics can help the visitors be turned into shoppers. It is also important to find out what works well and will help in the long run. Take a test and see the outcome of various layouts on various customers after seeing the conversion trend. Take an example of website selling rock-climbing supplies, trying to promote new shoes. In such a scenario, pictures can be used with attractive text, in another format; they may use a video explaining the effectiveness of the shoes and hands on experience of a climber who has used the shoes.

A third form can be Flash display that gives out key features and descriptions once the user mouses over. The store can test on these 3 different strategies and see which one has helped most to generate revenue.

Tip 3: Display of Price and Shipping Clearly

The aim remains to get rid of the pain points and help in better sales. It is important to examine the fear involving process in the shopping and removing the fear from the mind of shopper. Some shoppers may hesitate to buy a product because of the hidden costs involved. Shipping cost is one such example. The website should make sure that the prices are inclusive of all charges and are clearly displayed. Such an approach can generate understanding and confidence amongst the buyers.

Tip 4: Email Subscriptions

The buyers may like purchasing from your website, but it is important that they get devoted to your website. This will happen by mode of social media, word of mouth and email-marketing. The emails can prove to be a direct from of interaction between the product and the customer. The customers are directly linked to the brand by this mode. You can use some java-enabled popups to get the customer to your site and then give them attractive first-time deals to stay with you. Future communications will also be facilitated with help of this mode.

Tip 5: Social Media Integration

Word of mouth is now word of social media and we have so many friends on the various sites.  Fellow Consumers can be a good source of information or product review. The trust factor comes in place when we talk about recommending or appreciating a product. You can include the share button on your product page so that the presence of your product is felt by everyone. With lot of sharing and suggesting, the brand will be improved and will be included in the conversations in social media.

Tip 6: Contact Information

It is of great help to have a human face behind your business relationship. You must offer all contact information in a straight-forward form. This will lead in better answers to any customer questions and better decisions taken by the customers. Overall your company will have a reputation of one that cares. If the customers can access your website directly and get the information that they want, this will help to get them better knowledge, exchanges, returns etc. This will involve some cost definitely but it will be worth considering the consistent brand reputation that is built as a result.

An online store can help figure out what struggles are faced by customers and finding any new possible opportunities. Correct contact information can help build lot of trust. Try to make an approach so that the customers can approach through email, try integrating social media to improve your reach. By helping the customers, you can improve your image, income and outlook, moving towards positive improvement.

If you are planning to have your own online store, then the most important thing is to find a fast and reliable hosting solution for your online e-commerce website. You can find it under our best e-commerce hosting category.

SmarterASP.NET Launched New Control Panel

The Windows ASP.NET web hosting provider SmarterASP.NET launched their new designed hosting control panel yesterday, compared with their old hosting control panel, the new one looks more professional and has much better friendly user experiences.

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The new hosting control panel is still in BETA test period and users will not be forced to log into the new control panel, instead, they placed a link on the login page so that you can choose to login the new control panel by yourself.

SmarterASP.NET CP Login

The New Hosting Control Panel of SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET New CP

The Old Hosting Control Panel of SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET Old CP

SmarterASP.NET is one of the best web hosting provider in the industry, they provide professional ASP.NET hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth and email. And they have one-click-installer to install the latest and hottest ASP.NET & PHP applications with just a single click!If you are not happy with our service, you can get a full money back within 60 days of your purchase. All of your data are stored in High Performance Dell Equalogic Sans Storage, giving you the performance and reliability you need. SmarterASP.NET provides 24/7 technical support, including holidays, to make sure customers can reach us when there are problems or questions.

To learn more about SmarterASP.NET, you can read our SmarterASP.NET Review , or simply visit

Best Joomla Hosting

Best Joomla Hosting

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open source content system that is used on web sites. The program is written using PHP and is able to store data in MySQL database. Some of the features that you can get with Joomla include printable pages, polls, blogs, and page caching. You can find over 3,000 extensions for Joomla with the Extensions Directory.

A fast & reliable Joomla hosting is critical to the success of your online business. And Best Joomla Hosting awards of 2014 are given to the web hosting vendors who have outperformed their competitors on price value, customer support, usability, and reliability when hosting a Joomla site. After reviewing hundreds of  Web hosts, we are pleased to award HostGator as Best Joomla Hosting of 2014.

Best Joomla Hosting Ranking

Rank Webhost Basic Features Advanced Features Review
#1 HostGator Price: $3.96
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Unlimited Emailbox
24×7 Support
Host unlimited domains
99.9% Uptime
45-day Money Back
#2 BlueHost Price: $3.95
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Unlimited Emailbox
1 free domain
Host unlimited domains
99.9% Uptime
Anytime Money Back
#3 SiteGround Price: $3.95
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Unlimited Emailbox
1 free domain
Host unlimited domains
99.9% Uptime
30-day Money Back
#4 Inmotion Hosting Price: $5.95
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Unlimited Emailbox
1 Free Domain
Host 2 Domains
Instance Backups
90 Day Full Money Back
#5 WebHostingHub Price: $3.95
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Unlimited Emailbox
1 Fee Domain Lifetime
Host Unlimited domains
Super Fast Web Server
90 Days Money Back

Why They are the Best Joomla Hosting of 2014

After evaluating hundreds of web hosts carefully, we finally name HostGator, BlueHost,  SiteGround, InMotion Hosting , and WebHostingHub as Best Joomla Hostings in 2014. All above 5 web hosts offer hosting service with many great features in common to support Joomla well, such as:

  • 100% Compatible Joomla hosting
  • PHP memory_limit is set to be 64MB or higher
  • PHP run as suPHP for increased Joomla security
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • World Class data center with powerful than normal web servers

Fast & responsive customer support. All of them have been in business for 8+ years, their performance are trackable.

HostGator is awarded the number one best Joomla hosting provider because of their quick and reliable hosting services. Hostgator efficiently configure MySQL to provide the fast database support for Joomla website. Also they are considered to be the fastest growing private company in US.

BlueHost is pretty popular among shared hosting provider for Joomla websites. They are considered to be the best cheap web hosting provider and offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth and you can host unlimited domains using a single account. Also they provide an optimized MySQL database for better performance of Joomla websites. The best feature of “Bluehost” is that they offer 30 days trail period which encourage people to try them.

SiteGround is awarded as one of the best Joomla web hosting for its fast & stable web host and responsive support. SiteGround provides Joomla hosting services since the day Joomla! was born. SiteGround is the first host to provide free installation of Joomla 1.5 for its users. The company currently provides web hosting for more than 60,000 Joomla websites. For all Joomla users the SiteGround team has launched many Joomla tutorials. The tutorials include both information for beginners about how to use and manage Joomla, as well as advance instructions how to install Joomla addons and deal with certain problems. SiteGround has provided over 70 Free templates for Joomla and now has the richest collection of FREE Joomla templates with new releases every week. Read more

InmotionHosting is another top level web hosts who use powerful servers to serve their customers. InMotion Hosting’s exclusive Speed Zone technology helps keep your website and email fast by locating your data as close to you as possible. And Inmotion hosting have one of world best customer support team to help you out when you meet any hosting issue. InmotionHosting is best for Joomla business site.

WebHostingHub is a very popular shared web hosting in the industry, it’s fast and cheap. With only $3.95/month, you will get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and host unlimited domain in one account. Their MySQL has been well optimized and can be access very fast, this really make Joomla run easily in it.

How to Find a Good Joomla Web Hosting

When searching for the best Joomla hosting you will have many affordable choices. You may get loss because there are so many options you can choose from, here we can give you some suggestions or advises on how to choose a good Joomla hosting solution.

The best Joomla hosting should provide you with at least one free domain name, free Joomla installation, free templates and expert help. You dont want to have any downtime if you can help it so you should research web hosts that provide excellent uptime. Many of the Joomla web hosting sites will offer at least a 99% percent uptime which is what you should expect.

The best Joomla hosting site should give you access to customer service help 24/7 with a staff that is knowledgeable and friendly. As with any web host you should have access to unlimited disk space and bandwidth even if you dont need it to begin with. If you are searching for a better Joomla web host than you currently have make sure that transferring is free and pain free.

Put all the qualities of the best Joomla hosting companies together in a list then decide which hosting server will provide the features and benefits that your web site needs. It wont matter what the review sites state. If the Joomla host doesn’t give you what you need for your web site it wont be the best.

You will be able to get your web site up and running smoothly and efficiently. There are always introductory, discounts or special offers for best Joomla hosting companies.

If you are not familiar with all of the fundamentals of Joomla choose a web host that offers tutorials so that you have guidance on installation and its basic use. You should be able to also find the help you need if you have problems. The best Joomla hosting server will continue to give you updates as they become available because they look at questions from their users to give you the answers you need.

So much talking about best Joomla hosting, if you are still have any questions of this topic, feel free to contact us anytime!

SmarterASP.NET Review

SmarterASP.NET Review

Overview of SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET is one of the fast growing and debt-free web hosting organizations in the industrial market. The company apparently servers around 170,000 websites across the globe, more and more people are joining each day. The company buys and completely owns all its equipment, so its savings money and sending across to the people. SmarterASP.NET is a privately owned and well-funded organization with no outsider investing in it. This way, the company eliminates itself from bureaucracy and red tapism, as the owners take all the managerial and technical decisions themselves. The main motive of the company is to give better and faster services to its clients.

The SmarterASP.NET team is frequently adding more and more personnel with high education and professional skills. Almost 90% of the 1st level team contains graduates in computer sciences or networking degree. The entire team has full knowledge about web hosting, databases, software programming, hardware configuration and administration. The second level staff consists of all senior software developers and network technicians with lots of experience. The company has an excellent team and they are ready to help your technical or customer service related issues efficiently.

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Hosting Features and Prices – SmarterASP.NET

Unlike most of the other companies, SmarterASP.NET buys all the required equipmentS in advance, so the company is debt free. The company can afford to lower the prices further while keeping the profit margin and gains in account. The organization’s advertising is done at large by word of mouth, which means that they are not investing too much on marketing, thus allowing the organization to lower the cost. By using this type of marketing strategy, they have become one of the most competitive hosting companies in the market while equally offering cutting edge technology and best services to the customers.

The company does understand that putting together a complex website is at times challenging and requires knowledge in programming. Since the company has been created with many programmers and developers, the company can afford to offer a basic programming support, free of cost. The services that are provided free of cost are debugging, simple code fixing and consultancy in programming. The company tries to do its best to provide its clients with the best services.

The company understands that a downtime can adversely hit the business of its clients. Along with the experience and expertise that it has in the hosting industry, they assure and guarantee each and every customer with a 99.9% uptime.

Reliability – SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET guarantees the highest level of quality products, with top security and unmatched reliability. The company is also aware of its responsibilities and takes every possible measure to keep the security and confidentiality high. They closely and carefully choose high quality servers, networking and infrastructural equipment to ensure complete reliability. The company does not want its users to suffer and the clients to lose their business, so they promise a high quality uptime to the customers, with their knowledge and skill in the hosting company.

Network Performance – SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET makes it clear that the clients get the fastest speed possible by using high quality bandwidth providers such as Level3, Global Crossing, AT&T and UUNET. All the bandwidth providers are known around the world for their work and high quality peering capabilities. They also make efforts to utilize the bandwidth at least at an average of 30% all the time. Hence, attaining 70% of headroom, to continually maintain the performance and quality of services.

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World class Data Center – SmarterASP.NET

The company works at three separate World Class Data Centers that matches its toughest criteria:

Utmost Efficiency: To promise the delivery of top quality performance and reliability. Each center features an unnecessary network of multiple fiber trunks from various sources, irrelevant power on the premises and backups. This allows the organization to maximize the connectivity rates and overall site performance.

Maintenance: The data centers are maintained by full time system management with staff trained in system monitoring and areas of networking.

Safety: The data centers are designed in a specific way. The floors of the centers are raised and are equipped with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, smoke detection systems and fire suppression systems.

Privacy: The data centers are protected by some of the most powerful securities in the business. They have video surveillance and biometric thumb print scanners at the entry.

Free Trial – SmarterASP.NET

Free Trial with immediate activation- the company believes in trying it before buying it. They have full faith in the web hosting quality and customer service. They offer 60 days trial service to people, to find out if they actually want to buy the service or not. Like other web hosting organizations, this company does not ask for the credit card information beforehand, thinking that the user may forget to cancel the service. They are so confident about their service that they do not ask for the credit card information.

Free Temporary Domain Name

They also give the first time users a free temporary domain name to try their service. It is not a necessity to buy domain name or transfer a domain name to them.

Instant ASP.NET Hosting Setup

A first time user can get a free net hosting account and running it within a few minutes. Their service is risk free and building powerful websites will also save a lot of time. The setup can easily be upgraded by buying a package without any downtime.

Free Help Included

The company gives a free trial which does not mean that the user is getting anything lesser than expected. They offer perfect services to every customer, and even the ones who have taken the free trial get round the clock help. If anyone requires help, they must feel free to contact them.

Customer support – SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET claims to provide the best services. It listens to the customers, takes their feedback and tries to work on them. The CEO of the organization has set an example by making himself accessible to all the customers and non-customers. All the help and support is continually given to customers.

>>>Click Here to Visit SmarterASP.NET<<<

Conclusion of SmarterASP.NET Review

SmarterASP.NET is still a quite new brand in web hosting industry, but they do have a good understanding of web hosting and know what customers need, and their great web hosting technology make their hosting business growing fast and we believe they’ll become one of the hosting giant soon.

We recommend SmarterASP.NET for a starter or professional ASP.NET web developer, and even if you would like to test your website first then you can try with their 60 days free trial hosting, it’s so good enough to see how well everything work and go upgrade later if you want to go with them. The 99.9% guaranteed uptime for every customers that excellent and don’t worry to try.

How VPS Hosting Works?

Web Hosing is offered in many different types and options, which are useful for the vast variety of uses, and needs of hosting. VPS hosting is one such highly beneficial hosting option. VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. It is designed for being a virtualization of the access to dedicated servers between the different accounts that are partitioned on a server. This will help in dividing the resources and offering a dedicated amount for the hosting that is shared by all the accounts that are on the server. Even though, the dedicated amounts cannot be shared by the accounts, the hardware can be shared amongst all the hosted accounts.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

The main benefit of VPS hosting is that it is a lot more affordable than getting a real dedicated server. The reason behind this affordability is simple. The reason is that VPS hosting will be divided into several accounts. As each account will access their partition on the server, they pay the server costs together. This combined payment model will also offer all the management and maintenance aspects that are managed by the hosting company. However, in self-managed VPS, the customers will not be able to avail this facility. In return, the customers will get higher level of control and customization options.

VPS hosting also comes in many different operating systems too. The partitions in the hosting server are real partitions and this makes it possible for the company to customize the partitions according to the choices of the customers. This helps the customers in getting access to a large number of options along with software accessibility that are of great significance. VPS hosting options also allows the customization of programming languages. The compatibility of the programming languages that are used for accessing the servers is also resolved. The hosting plans will provide the customers with greater freedom and details with the help of VPS hosting options.

Hosting plans will be the ones that normally decide the available amount of resources through VPS. However, a limited amount of hosting is also offered so that the personal websites and small business websites can make use of them. The hosting plans with VPS can be well and enough for catering the needs of medium sized business websites that are looking to expand. As VPS is extremely flexible in nature in what it is able to support, the customer will be able to have all the freedom when it comes to server needs. This depends on the customization level on the server and the level of control over the server.

Hosting pans with VPS options are designed for offering virtualized dedicated servers. The customers who require to have more control over the server and upgrade the services that are not available in the shared hosting will be the ones who can reap more benefits out of VPS hosting. Even though, VPS is known to offer large amounts of resources to the customers, it is very small when compared with the resources offered by the dedicated servers. Real dedicated servers will offer all of their hardware to the customers so that they make sue of it for single websites or multiple websites that have dedicated hosting. The affordability and the processing power of the VPS hosting makes the business websites of medium size work.

Best Linux Hosting

Linux web hosting is the most common hosting in the market, and normally includes PHP, Perl, JAVA, MySQL, and a large array of other Web development tools, which make it the most prevalent hosting platform in the world.It’s coming to the end of the year 2014, we’ve tested and monitored hundreds of thousands of web hosting through this year and now it’s the time to compare and publish the top 5 linux web hosting  we rated based on our test and comparison.

Best Linux Hosting - TOP Linux Hosting Solution

Below is a complete comparison of the best linux hosting providers we rated. We have taken the Top 5 Linux Web Hosting companies and compared plan pricing, disk space, bandwidth, and the number of domains that you can host within one account, and also many other hosting features that are not displayed in the table. You have everything that you need to make an informed decision on choosing your best linux webhosting solution. Once you have made your selection, click the “visit” link to signup.

Rank Webhost Price Diskspace Bandwidth Domains Allowed Action
1 iPage 3.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Visit
2 Bluehost 5.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Visit
3 HostGator 6.36 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Visit
4 FatCow 4.67 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Visit
5 Dreamhost 8.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Visit

Editor’s Note: The top 5 Linux Web Hosting plans displayed are rated by price, uptime reliability, quality of customer service, and user feedback found on forums and communities on the Internet.

Why They are the Best Linux Web Hosting

It’s not easy to find out who are the best Linux web hosting considering there are quite many excellent products in this area. So we have to set very high criteria to make sure what we name are really good.

  • First, they have to be in web hosting industry for over 5 years, and continuously deliver excellent products and customer service to their customers
  • Servers are reliable with much higher uptime than industry normal one at 99%. We only filter out those who can achieve 99.95% uptime based on our own monitoring data. Right, we don’t refer to the number they advertise.
  • Price need to be affordable and resonable.
  • Money back guarantee need to be friendly to customer, such as allowing for “Anytime Money Back”, or “at least 30 days Full money back”, and etc
  • Offering rich features and easy to use control panel to create a powerful web site.

Why Choosing Linux Web Hosting

Linux platform is the most popular hosting solutions than Windows and Unix platform due to the balance between the cost and maintainability.

Compared to Windows platform, web hosting companies don’t need to afford expensive licenses of the OS and the databases, both MySQL and PostgreSQL are free. And the community of Linux hosting industry has been there for over 15 years and accumulated lots of excellent projects developed on PHP plus MySQL for blog, content management, eCommerce, forum and photogallery etc. When the non-technical people intend to create their websites, these projects are their best choice. Although the projects developed on PHP plus MySQL can run smoothly in Windows OS as well but Linux hosts are 30% cheaper averagely.

Compared to Unix, Linux platform is easier on maintenace and better known by IT engineers that the hosting companies can significantly save the labor cost.

For more info about Advantages of Linux Hosting please visit

More Info of Linux Web Hosting You May Interest

A Linux-based (also commonly called Unix-based) Web host uses the free and open-source Linux operating system to drive its servers. Linux hosts usually rely on a LAMP structure, which means they use the Linux operating system, Apache server software, MySQL database and PHP scripting.

Because it’s open-source-based, so with linux web hosting you can take advantage of a wide range of other free and open-source applications and scripts, including CGI, Perl, PHP and the MySQL database. That means linux web hosting offers great flexibility at a typically lower cost than Windows hosting. Linux servers also support Telnet, which Windows servers don’t, and they tend to run faster than Windows servers, which means faster load times for your Website.

Other applications supported by Linux include Evolution, the Firefox Web browser, the GNOME desktop, Open Office, PostgreSQL and Python.

Linux web hosting provides a stable and reliable environment for your website, as it places fewer resource demands on servers. The open-source programming community also means you’ll be able to quickly access repairs and patches for any bugs and glitches that your linux hosting server and your website might encounter.

You’ll find there are a large number of linux website hosting plans out there offering everything from the cheapest (even free) basic shared service to advanced and dedicated hosting with multiple databases, secure e-commerce capabilities and support for a wide range of applications. The right one should be able to meet all your hosting needs, including ample disk space and bandwidth, email accounts, databases, a Web-based control panel, WebMail, FTP access, e-commerce and support for applications like Weblogs, discussion forums, php hosting, live chat, photo galleries and more.

So if you are looking for a great low cost hosting option, a cheap linux web hosting plan is probably right for you. If you don’t have the need for any windows based programs, then there is no need to pay the extra cost. So if you are looking for a reasonably priced web hosting service, these top 5 linux web hosting of 2014 are the best hosting plans that you should select.

Of course, it all depends on your own, check and compare the hosting plans carefully and make your wise choice!

Advantages of Linux Hosting

Today with the various operating systems that are available for people to install onto their computers, Linux is found to be one of the most powerful operating systems. It has gained popularity due to the fact that it is able to possess a greater quantity of security and flexibility compared to other operating systems when used on servers. Ideally Linux based servers is user friendly and can be adaptable to different types of customized software options while running on the server. It will be ready to utilize and take advantage of the coded languages without problems allowing it to run proficiently and rapidly as planned.

You will notice that most hosting providers tend to offer preferences for a one click installation that result in getting a quick and resourceful option when they want to get the hosting ready for a website start on or for making the necessary shift preparations from transferring from a different server or any other hosting option.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable linux web hosting solution, then we recommend you choose one from our best linux hosting ranking list at

Linux Hosting and Security

Regarding the security aspect of Linux hosting, it has been found that it is stringent and very difficult for anyone to hack into compared to other hosting options. The software it possesses can boost security on a server and additionally provide a variety of useful tools within its environment. Linux hosting services have found to be most adaptable that can be utilized for nearly everything.

Utilizing Linux based servers will often tend to be affordable and flexible to customers when hosting which in turn makes it more reliable and user friendly to both parties. As Linux is popular and is widely used the providers would have widespread knowledge of the system and in turn would be able to give genuine customer support.

Experiences have shown that in Linux operating system the scripting languages are found to be very competent which in turn assists configurations to run in a smooth manner. Popular languages like PHP, MySQL, Perl and others are trouble-free to slot in and can be employed instantly with nearly all hosting services. This factor has grown popularity amongst web graphic designers, programmers and a variety of Linux based users that look for high quality alternatives for their hosting.

Today with the massive traffic that hits the internet and the cost of hosting, Linux hosting is in actual fact one of the best preferences that is on hand for websites that call for some eminent effective options with their design. As mentioned Linux choice is very much adaptable to an assortment of non-native soft wares that can also be made compatible with a range of Windows based software. Making use of different software will often need extra work on the server in terms of installing physical drives that have been modified to suit Linux environment.

Linux hosting is widely recommended for people all around the globe, where a high end content management system is installed for quick and efficient website creation clubbed with tight security and user friendly software that has been found advantages to many existing users.

HostGator Presidents’ Day Sale 2014 – 45 Percent Off All New Hosting Packages

The first HostGator promotion of 2014 is rapidly approaching as HostGgator will be having a 24 hour sale in celebration of Presidents’ Day on Monday, February 17th. Snappy will be showing his Patriotism by offering 45% off all New Hosting Packages and Domains for only $5.95!

HostGator Presidents' Day Sale - 45% Off All New Hosting Packages

The sale will start at 12am CST on Monday, February 17th and run through 11:59pm CST that evening.

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