7 Questions To Be Asked Before Signing up to a Web Hosting Company

You must do a proper research of a web hosting provider before making a choice, as there are many web hosting providers available in the market. You must ask sufficient questions, the following are a few important questions which you must ask to the web hosting companies which you think will be able to provide you the best web hosting services.

At which time can a technical support be contacted?

When do you operate, is it after very long hours or on weekends? If it is so, then you must know when you can reach out to the technical support. It not only means that you send a long angry message, but you also expect them to revert to you within a tentative time. When you question the web hosting provider see what they answer and check if what they are saying is true. Call them on a weekend or initiate a web chat, see what you receive in response, a good company will keep up to the promise it has made.

How much is the degree of security?

See if the web hosting provider is leasing the data centers or do they have their own data center, either ways see if the servers are checked from time to time. Check if the data is safe, do they have a power backup to support if there is a blackout? Have they placed the firewalls properly? It is important to have a secure web hosting now a days for your own safety.

Are you allowed to keep your own domain name?

It is very important to choose a domain name when you are planning to release a site. The domain name should be easy so that the visitors and clients can easily remember. When you find a domain name of your choice you will surely want to keep it even if you change the web hosting someday. You must make sure that this option is available with them.

You must know the kind of contract you are signing?

You may save some money if you are signing a particular web hosting provider for a couple of years. But before you do that you must know the policy of cancellation. Is there an option of money back guarantee, to a certain extend? Will they offer you a lump sum amount if you are not satisfied with their service and fail to fulfill their promise?

What is the amount of disk space and band width offered?

There are many web hosting providers who provide an unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It is good but it is not actually require. At an average a site may use up around 50-60 Mb of space, so around 100 Mb will be more than sufficient. Anything more than that will be a waste unless and until you are making high potency pages or you are expecting a huge traffic.

What types of tools are available?

Good web hosting companies provide what is required to grow, maintain or build a site. There are many open source software made available so the web hosting provider should make it easy for you to use them. You must see that the control panel functions properly and the e commerce and multimedia should also be supported whether you require at present or not.

Are there any other charges to be paid?

See if there are any extra charges for stuff like technical support, maintenance, set up, etc. The web hosting company must provide all these facilities, if not then switch to another company.

You may have other questions as well, depending on the kind of work you are into. So you must surely ask to clear you doubts.

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HostMetro Review

HostMetro Review - cheap and reliable web hosting solution

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Overview of HostMetro

HostMetro started web hosting business in year 2003, headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, offering affordable, reliable loud-based shared web hosting plans for individuals and businesses with a 45-day money back guarantee. As a top webhosting company, they take great pride in using cutting edge equipment, security features and happily provide a 99.9% up-time guarantee. HostMetro offers a wide range of free web hosting tools and features with every hosting package. With the aim to help you “take your hosting to the max”, HostMetro provides a selection of two site builders so you easily build and manage a website of almost any size.

HostMetro is confident of their service and believes in taking care of their customers, in 2012, HostMetro invested a million USD on building a completely new collocated data center with all the branded new powerful servers and latest cloud technology. As introduced by the management team of HostMetro, the company is not eager to make profit in a short time, but taking the user experience as the first objective. This is the reason why HostMetro provides the very budget web hosting plans, but also guarantees the webhosting quality.

Hosting Plans & Features of HostMetro

HostMetro offers a number of quality shared hosting plans. Supported technologies include CloudLinux, cPanel control panel, CloudFlare optimization, Softaculous script installer, Trendy Site Builder, and RVSiteBuilder. Even their most basic hosting plan includes unlimited amount of disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth. In addition to unlimited space and traffic, HostMetro provides customers with their choice of two free sitebuilders. This allows for a quick start and easy management as your site continues to grow.

Here is a list of some features of HostMetro hosting plans:

  • Max hosting space and bandwidth,Host unlimited domains
  • Unlimited email accounts & Unlimited databases
  • PHP & CGI supported, Server Side Includes supported
  • Two free website builders, Softaculous 1-Click Script Installer
  • Free SSL and SEO pacakges, Free website transfer
  • $100 Google adword credit, Full money back guarantee
  • And many more…

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If you’re are looking for a web hosting for your business website, then their “Business Max Hosting” is a fantastic solution. Not even $2.45/mo more than the basic plan, the business plan allows customers to host an unlimited number of domains, includes a free SSL certificate and free SEO submission and consultation service.

We were happy to discover that both HostMetro’s Mega Max Hosting plan and Business Max Hosting plan support eCommerce integration and offer free shopping cart plug-ins with easy paypal integration. Choose the best plan for you will depend on your specific needs. Anyone interested in building an online marketing platform may want to consider the Business Max plan. Most others would be able to do just fine with the Mega Max hosting package, which is the most popular option.

Pricing Concerns of HotMetro

Pricing is always going to be a big concern when choose web hosting, even for budget web hosting. Of course, your hosting should be approached as a business investment. This means it’s smart to consider what you get for your money. Taking even a casual look at all the services offered through HostMetro web hosting plans, we all agreed that HostMetro offers tremendous value. HostMetro has 2 different hosting plans called Mega Max Hosting and Business Max Hosting which are starting at $2.45/mo and $3.95/mo regularly, extremely competitive prices for plans that include tons of free features! For website owners that not want to spend too much money on web hosting, you can try out HostMetro web hosting.

Customer Support of HostMetro

There are many methods you can choose when you need to contact HostMetro, you can get in touch with HostMetro staff with 24/7 phone support line as well as an email address. And also they have 24×7 live chat support available, as tested by ourself, their live chat response is professional and returns response very fast, it is very easy to get an answer to your question immediately. If you would like to try to figure out problems by yourself, then you can also look for related help stuff in their knowledge base, HostMetro already collected lots of common asked questions and problems and came out solutions by writing articles in knowledge base. They even offer methods to connect with the company through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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How to contact HostMetro

Reliability of HostMetro

Reliability is quite important to the success of your online presence. Perhaps the best measure of the reliability of a webhost is how confident they are in their up-time guarantee. While many others do not even offer ANY guarantee, Host Metro provides a 99.9% up-time guarantee. Even their basic hosting plan is managed, meaning that they monitor and protect their own network, keeping it safe. The server equipment is top of the line and housed in geographically diverse and highly secured data center locations. Additionally, your website files are stored across multiple servers, allowing for a high degree of redundancy and reliability.

Ease of Use of HostMetro

HostMetro uses the industry standard cPanel webhosting system as their management interface, which is used by lots of web hosting companies as I know. Sp of you’re moving from other webhost to HostMetro, you’ll easily get started. The familiar interface allows customers to perform all required management tasks, including upload and move and copy files, working with domains, adding scripts,creating mysql database and more.

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Conclusion of HostMetro Review

After comprehensively reviewed HostMetro, we could see that HostMetro provides affordable and excellent shared web hosting service. HostMetro is a quality company which strives to provide a safe a reliable system for their clients. You will receive a high level of service and a wide range of features and tools. We sincerely recommend it to personal websites and bloggers and small business owners.

Methods to Import Large SQL Files to phpMyAdmin on Shared Hosting

How to upload large SQL file to phpMyAdmin? This is the question often asked by shared web hosting users as shared hosting usually has a limitation of the file size can be uploaded in phpMyAdmin. For example, a shared web hosting defines max upload file size is 50MB, so if your SQL file is bigger than 50MB, then you cannot use the import function in phpMyAdmin to upload that SQL file. Then how to do that? Here are several ways you can follow:

Ask Your Web Hosting Company for Assistance

You can ask your web hosting company to increase the max upload file size temporarily to allow you upload the large SQL file. Or simply upload your SQL file via FTP to your web server and then contact your hosting company to import the SQL file for you, you’ll let them know the location of your SQL file when you contact them.

Import via SSH or Cron Job

If you’d like to do it totally by yourself then this is what you’ll need to do. And the first thing is still uploading SQL file via FTP to your web server, which is mentioned above. Once you upload the large SQL file, move to the next step, import the file via SSH or Cronjob.

As I know some shared web hosts allow users to use SSH, if you have the ability to use SSH, then login SSH via Putty or any other SSH client, then type and run the command below:

mysql -u yourdbuser -pyourdbpass yourdbname < directory/sqlfilename.sql

Note: change yourdbuser, yourdbpass and yourdbname in the command to your DB’s and also the directory is the location where you uploaded the SQL file,e.g, you uploaded the SQL file named abc.sql to /home/cpuser/public_html/xyz, then it should be < /home/cpuser/public_html/xyz/abc.sql at the end of the command.

If you don’t have SSH ability, then you can login your hosting control panel, take cPanel for example, there is a function called Cron Jobs, enter into that page and enter * in the time fields like Minute,Hour,Day,Month,Weekday, and in the commpand field enter into the command mentioned in SSH import area.

Cron Job Import Large SQL File

Cron Job Import Large SQL File


Then click Add New Cron Job button, and wait about one minute, and then login your phpMyAdmin you’ll see the SQL file is imported. And then you’ll need to remove the Cron Job, or else the SQL file will be imported every minute.

HostGator Launched Chinese Website

HostGator launched it’s Clinese language website at http://cn.hostgator.com today, through it’s Chinese website, HostGator will be able to provide more localized web hosting solutions for it’s Chinese customers, and it will also make it more easier and convenient for their Chinese customers when using their hosting services.

HostGator Chinese Website

HostGator Chinese Website

HostGator WordPress Hosting Review 2014

HostGator WordPress hosting is reviewed based on the WordPress compatibility, runtime performance, technical support, reliability, and price versus value. HostGator offers WordPress web hosting for individuals or small businesses having their presence by 1-Click simply, without needing any knowledge on PHP scripts, WordPress theme and widget, and web programming skills like HTML, JS, and CSS.

WordPress is an award-winning free open source blog software, there are currently more than one million websites are using wordpress worldwide, and lots of new websites are being created with wordpress everyday. The well acceptance and reputation of WordPress comes from its accessibility, usability, performance, and customizability. It usually allows non-technical people to get their websites started and manage content without studying materials or learning from the complicated documentation. So if you’re going to create a blog website for yoourself, we recommend you use wordpress.

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1-Click WordPress Installation & Automated Upgrade of HostGator

HostGator WordPress web hosting is 100% compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It fully leverages the power and all advantage of WordPress to deliver clients with a rich-featured website and content management solution. In addition to WordPress nature features, HostGator integrates WordPress with the cPanel web hosting control panel that clients only need 1-Click to complete the installation of WordPress in just seconds. HostGator also allows clients to keep their WordPress websites upgraded automatically.

HostGator WordPress Web Hosting is designed and optimized for running WordPress smoothly, it’s 100% compatible with all versions of WordPress.

  • Far exceeds WordPress minimum prerequisite.
  • Include latest versions of Apache Server, PHP, and MySQL database.
  • Supports automated WordPress installation and upgrade.
  • Allow PHP to run as suPHP for much increased WordPress security.

Performance & Reliability of HostGator WordPress Hosting

HostGator powers an extremely high 99.99% uptime by utilizing all DELL branded servers, and renting best data centers and network providers from The Planet, which features state of the art security, power, safety, and cooling systems – all designed to ensure that service remains uninterrupted.

As the testing to the same site, same scripts and same configuration hosted with HostGator and WebHostingPad, HostGator is about 500% faster than the latter one.

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Technical Support of HostGator WordPress Hosting

HostGator is one of the largest web hosting companies now. They have over 1,000 staffs and over 10,000 servers serving for websites under millions of domains. As introduced by HostGator marketing manager, 75% of HostGator technical support staffs have their own blogs based on WordPress. The real experience helps them resolve clients’ WordPress installing, operating and upgrading issues efficiently.

HostGator partners with the WordPress official community and a dozen of WordPress design sites. So, with HostGator WordPress hosting, the clients are allowed to download over thousands of secure WordPress themes, widgets, and plugins for free.

Price Versus Value of HostGator WordPress Hosting

HostGator offers 3 classes of WordPress hosting, they’re hatchling, baby and business plans, pricing from $3.96/mo after 20% discount by default.

The main difference between hatchling and baby plan is, the former one only supports to host 1 domain on 1 account, but the latter one supports to host unlimited domains on 1 account. If you plan to have only 1 website in a short term, you can first have HostGator Hatchling WordPress web hosting, and upgrade to the baby plan when you really need the multiple-domain capability.

As a conclusion, HostGator is a good web hosting choice for wordpress blog hosting solution, HostGator provides superb wordpress web hosting services that have a strong stability and extreamly fast speed. So we recommend you going with HostGator for WordPress hosting solution.

Tips for Choosing a Website Developer And Web Hosting Company

Running a website involves a lot of procedures and as well you had to look across several things prior it is kept functional. First of everything, you had to take care of design and layout of the website. Most website owners will consider hiring a web developer to get the best design and layout whereas a few people design their website themselves. Remember, designing a website isn’t an easy go deal because it involves a lot of work and moreover you have to be technically proficient and skilful to get the design ready. Next to design, you hold the responsibility to select the best hosting provider. These two are the most significant factors which have to be taken care for making your website active and grab the visitors online. Here are some excellent tips you need to look after while selecting the web developer and hosting company for your website.

How to Select a Web Developer

Why need to hire a web developer? A web developer is a professional who is hired to design a website compiling all the technical aspects and make it running. Besides this, a professional website developer will even give his stupendous assistance in several other aspects like marketing, score high page rank, writing killer content to make the website rank atop in all search engines. Here are some fundamental key traits you need to look while looking for a web developer:

Marketing Strategy – Web developers who are technically efficient should as well understand your service and product better. Besides this, the web developer must also know your targeted audience, competitors and scrutinize the tactics to beat your business rivals.

Portfolio – Before hiring a web developer, it is wise to go through his portfolio in order to get a better idea about his work so far. You can completely get a clear picture about his work and quality standards.

References – Hiring a new web developer is not an issue at all. But remember to ask for references to go through the various websites he has designed so far. All these should be reviewed prior hiring a web developer.

Knowledge in SEO – A professional web developer will definitely know the crucial part of SEO while crafting a website. A website could be designed at least by compiling the basic SEO knowledge.

How to Select a Web Hosting Company for Your Website

Is your website neatly designed by a pro developer, then its time to host it online! There are several things you need to take care while looking for a web hosting company. The web hosting company you are planning to choose should have good hosting plans and as well it should fulfil your demands at pocket-friendly rates. Here are some basic fundamentals you need to take care while looking for a web hosting provider.

Reliability & Accessibility – A web hosting company you have planned to choose should ensure maximum uptime. The web hosting company must give you 99% up time assurance, because the success of your business relies on the profitability of your website. Just think how bad the performance of your website will be when it is influenced with technical difficulties. You will eventually end up with revenue loss. Hence make sure that the web hosting provider assures maximum uptime.

Data Transfer – Data transfer is the total bandwidth that you are able to access. The transformation of bytes to your site will enhance the download speed, so that your visitors can experience high speed browsing when exploring your site. Most of the hosting providers will assure unlimited bandwidth hence be very watchful in examining the bandwidth transformation the provider offers.

Disk Space – While selecting a hosting provider, check the hosting plans to confirm if they offer enough disk space. If you have a website that has enough number of videos, pictures and graphics within, then you had to find a service provider that offers unlimited disk space. Along with the bandwidth, you had to check the disk space that the company offers.

Technical assistance – Technical support is the last but fundamental factor that has to be taken care while choosing a web hosting provider. As described before, your website has to be active and running all the time without any troubles. In case of any troubles or unexpected issues, the hosting service provider should be able to assist you faster to resolve the issues. A good hosting provider will usually offer round the clock technical assistance all through the calendar days. The provider should grant you friendly assistance and fix the issue in very short time.

What Are My Web Hosting Options

Different Methods To Build A Website

With the incredible support of the internet, several thousands of websites have been emerging everyday. Every website will differ from blogs, eCommerce solutions and many more. Building a website is possible and it could be achieved through different ways. Hiring a professional web designer will help you in getting a good design and as well help you to save your time and effort. There are still some people who design their website by themselves in order to resemble the website exactly reflecting their ideas.

Getting the support of a web hosting provider is quite significant. Make sure that you find a good web hosting provider having good reviews and customer remarks. You might not be aware of the features and benefits they offer, but you will soon become acquainted with the tools and services being offered. Most features will even enhance the quality of your website too.

Finding the best hosting company that fulfils your demands

When exploring the internet, you can find plenty of web hosting providers flooding around. The packages and plans differ from one provider to another, where you can find the plans ranging from basic to advance. Prior selecting the web hosting package, it is wise to have a clean picture about the objective of your website and the type of website you prefer to design. Be practical with your plans. Are you looking around to host multiple domains? Are you going to have a website with multiple page or just one?

Will HTML be enough?

People who are very passionate in having their own website must know the basic HTML language. You can explore and go through the online tutorials to gain the basics of HTML. You can find the basic HTML guide to the professional HTML guide. Sharing the content is simple, but make sure you are capable of handling content management in order to make it visible in your blog.

Content Management Systems – Way to build

While preparing to host your website online in a very limited time, not all the methods will help in content management system. Content Management System is instant and helps the users to make quick and captivating content. It doesn’t require the users to be very skilful rather CMS aids people of varied skills and standards. Almost all the web hosting providers support CMS installation and setup and moreover many providers even facilitate multiple CMS setup in just a couple of clicks.

Installing eCommerce setup

eCommerce solutions are generally mantled along with the same CMS package. However most of the features come at free of cost. Even at times, you have to purchase the license for some advanced setup and of course that would be really beneficial. Remember, you will not get maximum technical support and assistance on availing free open source setup for eCommerce. In case of any trouble or technical issues, you had to resolve and reclaim it by yourself. Even you can hire a web developer to get the installation and alignments done for the open source solutions.

Hiring a web developer will be a good and beneficial

In the busy working ambiance, you might have very less time to learn the program fundamentals and sometimes you might not be aware of HTML language. Also you might not be interested in installing CMS to your hosting platform. At this point, you can hire a web developer to design your website and make it resemble very natural and realistic. You can ease out your shoulders rather taking the complete pressure in designing a picture perfect website. Rather becoming very skeptic in coding the website, you hand out the responsibility to the web developer who can get the job done with ultimate perfection and intactness.

Designing your website by yourself will be fun-filled however you hold the complete responsibility in achieving the best turn out. Giving it to a professional will be a good idea, as a pro designer can handle the job easier. Every minute values so much money, when it comes to online business. Get your eCommerce website ready and host it on the web to captivate the attention of the visitors. Understand the goals and targets in order to manage and manipulate the website accordingly.

Web Hosting for Online Businesses

Making a venturous and successful online business isn’t an easy go deal and you need the assistance of the best web hosting service provider. It is not just enough to make your presence online instead it requires something more than that. The web hosting provider must give you all the essential tools and technical assistance which you require to satisfy your business customers.

Having a Unique Domain Works

Having a unique and distinctive brand name is one of the valuable assets that any business must have. Hence make sure that you choose a significant domain name and select something which your customers can easily recognize and remember. This indeed can sell your service and products easily.

Hosting Resources

The hosting provider you have chosen must grant all the essential fundamentals including unlimited disk space for data storage and unlimited bandwidth to support traffic volume. Having sufficient space to receive emails and manage multiple accounts is very important when it comes to online business. Hence go the resources and make sure that the provider satisfies your needs at affordable rates.

Maximum Uptime of Hosting

Will you be able to sell your service or product if the website remains down or inactive? Your website should be live all the time without any interruption. Choose a provider that assures maximum uptime guarantee. Make sure to examine their reliability and customer service as well. Just go through their previous reviews and find out what others say about the company. All these will help you to decide the best web hosting provider.

Ecommerce  Hosting Tools

Shopping carts, customer accounts, product catalogs and many other tools will help in making customers to have a smooth and hassle-free shopping. Select a hosting provider which offers extensive ecommerce solutions which is essential for making your online business an easy go one.

Hosting Security

Making an online sale entails that you are responsible to gathering very sensible and confidential information from the clients! People will usually don’t prefer to share their credit card details, personal information and other confidential data’s. Make sure that the hosting provider is very conscious in giving top-notch security for assuring safe and secuire transactions.

Cost of Hosting Service

Any business will function with a fixed budget and hence find a hosting provider that offers the best resource at affordable price. Based on your requirements, you can choose the hosting plans with various packages and benefits:

  1. Shared web hosting caters the resources to multiple users and as well the cost remains very less, however the reliability doesn’t remains on par.
  2. Virtual private hosting resembles like an individual server but they execute from a single machine. They grant multiple controls and resources when compared to the shared hosting.
  3. Dedicated hosting gives much space exclusively to your website. Here the reliability will be excellent but the cost will be little expensive.

Selecting the best web hosting provider doesn’t entail that you should pick the cheapest one. Instead, ensure that the provider offers excellent service and packages at pocket-friendly rates.

Technical Support

Error is common and web hosting services can even bring-forth unexpected problems. In case of errors or technical issues, the provider should be able to solve the issue as swiftly as possible. Reliability is very essential when it comes to choosing a web hosting company. The provider should be accessible all the time either via chat, phone and email to respond and fix the issue.

The role of web host is very significant and the success of your online business entirely relies on them. With the best ecommerce tools and data resources, you can make your online presence firm and tangible. Moreover you can draw the attention of world-class audience and accomplish incredible sales. Make some investigation and research before selecting a web hosting provider for your online business.

If you need a trust and reliable hosting for your online business website, please visit our Best eCommerce Hosting category and I’m sure you can find the right hosting solution for your site.