4 Website Add-Ons That Will Help You Grow Your Email Subscriber List

As we all know that email subscriber list is a very powerful sales & marketing tool taht is now being used by many websites on the Internet.  Emails and newsletters are an effective, easy way to grow your business, it can be used to engage with your prospects, to communicate with your current customers and other interested parties, to give your subscribers more information about your business like what’s going on and what promotions are available, etc. So if you’re still not using this tool on your website, then you’re missing out on an important marketing opportunity.

It’s never too late to start marketing with email subscribe list, to do that you’ll first need to capture  your website visitors’ information and grow your email list. It’s not easy for everyone to do that, but luckily we’ve found some add-ons that will help make the process easier.

1. Integration with Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn

Social media is very popular now and it is an integral part of so many people’s days. You can integrate social media with your website to make your social media presence well-known on your site, and make it easy for your visitor to share your content with others.

Evaluate your business audience and pick two to five most-used social media platforms and establish a strong presence there. Then, add the corresponding social media buttons in prominent places on your website.

There are two benefits by doing this. First, whenever someone shares your webpage via social media buttons on your website, you’ll be able to find out what content he/she is interested in and you can provide more similar products or content on your website in the future. Second, when your website visitors share your webpage, they are essentially endorsing your webpage to their friends and network, effectively garnering more visitors for your website.

2. A pop-up email capture

Pop-up email capture is the way most of websites are doing today, if you’ve ever visited some websites, you’ve probably already seen this pop-up when you’re visiting the website. When someone visits your site the hard work has already been done for you – they are already interested. So they are more likely willing to receive more information from you about your website and your business, and then you’ll just give them a simple pop-up to let them subscribe your email list. Pop-ups can be fairly controversial and there are lots of people out there that don’t like them. However, there are many methods that are both unobtrusive and effective to do this.

These tools include pop-down bars, splash pages, hover boxes, and more. Do your research and look at all the options available to determine which one will work best for your website and your customers. Keep in mind that you don’t have to assault them with a pop up the second time they visit your site. You can wait until the second or third pageview before displaying the pop-up in order to ensure that they are interested.

3. PDF downloads and premium content

Quality content is a great way to attract traffic to your website, and at the same time it can help you develop your authority in your area of business.

One of the best strategies for further growing your email subscribe list is offering PD downloads or premium content, but only after they subscribe for your email list.  The content would still be free, but you can request a certain amount of information from your customer before they receive it.

The added benefit of this route is that you are not just gathering their email address; you will also learn what topics interest them based on what content they clicked on or which PDF they downloaded. Make sure that the content is high-quality and useful though; tangible value is a boon for business.

4. Subscribe via comment form or checkout process

Look at the comment form or checkout page on your website, there people are always required to enter into their name, email address, phone number, etc when they leave comments or place orders on your site. Since they are already giving you such personal information, then this is a very simple place to add an opt in box.

Make it an obvious part of the form fields to increase the subscription rate and make it more interesting for user to join in. Instead of naming it “subscribe our newsletters”, you can make it something like “subscribe to our awesome newsletter for discounts and exclusives”, see, this is absolutely more attractive than the first one and people will be more likely to opt in for discounts, etc.

Rather than growing your prospect email list by buying names from a large company, you can start by looking at your own website to grow your list. These simple add-ons we provided will help grow your list with very little effort on your behalf and this can save you much money on growing your email list. We hope this can help you succeed in your business and we’re glad to know more tips on how to grow email list, if you have any just drop us an email and we’ll happy to add your tips in this article.