HostGator Standard Dedicated Server Sale – 50 Percent Discount

HostGator is now promoting their Standard Dedicated Server (both Linux and Windows server) with price lowered to half of the regular one, which was $219/month and now you can get it for just $110/month.

HostGator Standard Dedicated Server Promotin with 50% Discount

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To claim this discount, please use the coupon code STANDARD50 while you buy the standard dedicated server hosting at HostGator, it’s valid on the first invoice no matter how long the billing cycle you choose, so we recommend you select 12 months billing term and you can save most of your money.

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Hostgator Coupon Code – Online Exclusive Deals with 30 Percent OFF

Here we just received an exclusive deal from HostGator that you can save 30% of your first invoice with them. This is a time limited offer that expires on the last day of July, 2014.

Hostgator Coupon Code - Online Exclusive Deals with 30 Percent OFF

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To claim this discount price, simply apply the coupon code BWH30OFF when you check out at HostGator, this is qualified for the first invoice only, so choosing a longer billing term will save you more money. This 30% OFF coupon code is usable with all web hosting packages, including shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Remember the coupon code expires at the end of July 2014, use it ASAP before it’s expired!

HostGator VPS Hosting Coupon Code – Save 50 Percent of Your Order

If you’re going to buy VPS hosting service from HostGator, then you can use the coupon code VPS50CP to save you 50% of the order. HostGator has 5 VPS hosting plans, this coupon code qualified for all of the VPS hosting plans.

HostGator VPS Hosting Coupon Code - Save 50 Percent of Your Order

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Suppose you have a shared web hosting with HostGator and your website traffic is increasing to the level that a shared hosting is not able meet the requirements of your site, then it’s the best choice to switch to HostGator VPS hosting now!

Midphase New Hosting Package and 40 Percent Discount

Midphase is proud to announce the launch of a new web hosting package, the professional package! And now they are offering a 40% discount on all personal, business and professional web hosting services to celebrate the launch of new hosting packge!

Midphase New Hosting Package and 40 Percent Discount

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Coupon Code: SAVEME40

Siteground 4th Of July Sale with 70 Percent Discount

Siteground 4th Of July Sale with 70 Percent Discount

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Siteground is now offering a special sale for celebrating US independent day, with this sale you can purchase web hosting for as low as $2.95/month. This offer is limited for 24 hours, so act now to get your hosting account with Siteground at the discount price!

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Importance of Blogging for Business Website

Blogging is one of the very easiest ways to get an individual’s or a business organisation’s views or any idea on the internet. Organisation’s business blog is one of the best online marketing tools which are a really very interactive, customized, personalised and flexible way to distribute valuable information or news for reliable positioning of a firm’s views, products or services among the targeted audience. It offers an opportunity to write about niche ideas, news about new products or services and their experiences, so that the targeted readers could be inclined with the blog writer’s thought leadership. It is very significant to see to it that anyone’s blogs are amazing with valuable content to the niche market. 

Blogging has more credibility than advertising and it facilitate the readers to get additional required information before going to make a decision regarding to the purchase of any product or service. Business organizations whether it is small or big, should use it as an add-on to their available weapon store of marketing.

The target audience depends on the blog writer to provide their required information with frequent blog posts on a particular topic. Now days the blogs are providing expert information, if the number of links to the blogs will increase it directly increase the targeted audience to the website.

The blog readers could be asked to leave a reply on a blog post or a video post or website link that was shared, as this is a crafty way to meet and interact with your target niche market. As a matter of fact, companies and organizations are embarking on blogging definitely have a positive edge over other competitor companies and organization that do not. The figure of blog readers are millions who could share your company’s blog web site and if the content provided in the post is outstanding rich information for the audience they would share with others who are interested in the content information. 

Blogging make it possible for the organization to have direct communications with their readers which develop trust and loyalty among them. If you will answer their queries and comments they will be more likey to consider the product or the services which a business offering also comment feedback the products and services. 

HostGator World Cup Sale – 45 Percent Discount Hosting

HostGator World Cup Discount

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In celebration of the current festivities in Brazil, HostGator will be running a promotion sale and offering 45% off all new hosting packages plus $8 domains! The sale will start on Tuesday, June 24th at 12am CST and continue through the day, ending at 11:59pm CST.

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4 Website Add-Ons That Will Help You Grow Your Email Subscriber List

As we all know that email subscriber list is a very powerful sales & marketing tool taht is now being used by many websites on the Internet.  Emails and newsletters are an effective, easy way to grow your business, it can be used to engage with your prospects, to communicate with your current customers and other interested parties, to give your subscribers more information about your business like what’s going on and what promotions are available, etc. So if you’re still not using this tool on your website, then you’re missing out on an important marketing opportunity.

It’s never too late to start marketing with email subscribe list, to do that you’ll first need to capture  your website visitors’ information and grow your email list. It’s not easy for everyone to do that, but luckily we’ve found some add-ons that will help make the process easier.

1. Integration with Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn

Social media is very popular now and it is an integral part of so many people’s days. You can integrate social media with your website to make your social media presence well-known on your site, and make it easy for your visitor to share your content with others.

Evaluate your business audience and pick two to five most-used social media platforms and establish a strong presence there. Then, add the corresponding social media buttons in prominent places on your website.

There are two benefits by doing this. First, whenever someone shares your webpage via social media buttons on your website, you’ll be able to find out what content he/she is interested in and you can provide more similar products or content on your website in the future. Second, when your website visitors share your webpage, they are essentially endorsing your webpage to their friends and network, effectively garnering more visitors for your website.

2. A pop-up email capture

Pop-up email capture is the way most of websites are doing today, if you’ve ever visited some websites, you’ve probably already seen this pop-up when you’re visiting the website. When someone visits your site the hard work has already been done for you – they are already interested. So they are more likely willing to receive more information from you about your website and your business, and then you’ll just give them a simple pop-up to let them subscribe your email list. Pop-ups can be fairly controversial and there are lots of people out there that don’t like them. However, there are many methods that are both unobtrusive and effective to do this.

These tools include pop-down bars, splash pages, hover boxes, and more. Do your research and look at all the options available to determine which one will work best for your website and your customers. Keep in mind that you don’t have to assault them with a pop up the second time they visit your site. You can wait until the second or third pageview before displaying the pop-up in order to ensure that they are interested.

3. PDF downloads and premium content

Quality content is a great way to attract traffic to your website, and at the same time it can help you develop your authority in your area of business.

One of the best strategies for further growing your email subscribe list is offering PD downloads or premium content, but only after they subscribe for your email list.  The content would still be free, but you can request a certain amount of information from your customer before they receive it.

The added benefit of this route is that you are not just gathering their email address; you will also learn what topics interest them based on what content they clicked on or which PDF they downloaded. Make sure that the content is high-quality and useful though; tangible value is a boon for business.

4. Subscribe via comment form or checkout process

Look at the comment form or checkout page on your website, there people are always required to enter into their name, email address, phone number, etc when they leave comments or place orders on your site. Since they are already giving you such personal information, then this is a very simple place to add an opt in box.

Make it an obvious part of the form fields to increase the subscription rate and make it more interesting for user to join in. Instead of naming it “subscribe our newsletters”, you can make it something like “subscribe to our awesome newsletter for discounts and exclusives”, see, this is absolutely more attractive than the first one and people will be more likely to opt in for discounts, etc.

Rather than growing your prospect email list by buying names from a large company, you can start by looking at your own website to grow your list. These simple add-ons we provided will help grow your list with very little effort on your behalf and this can save you much money on growing your email list. We hope this can help you succeed in your business and we’re glad to know more tips on how to grow email list, if you have any just drop us an email and we’ll happy to add your tips in this article.

Strengthen Your Online Brand with Drupal CMS

In the present scenario of struggle and competition, it has now become an important requisite for almost all the business entities and commercial websites to come up with such a platform which could provide up to date and latest services. You can situate humbly and with struggle touching new heights persisting in the bazaar and keeping the marketplace situation is becoming hard for online dealers. To preserve or support your online image, nowadays it is important for you to accept some creative content management system (CMS). In the whole world, Drupal is an incredibly customizable (content management system) that supports about 7% of the total websites.

To install Drupal CMS device in your spot, you can definitely find out many Drupal advance services. Let’s consider a small number of features that makes Drupal a preferred choice as a CMS system.

Well-organized Content Management

This allows consumers to affordable CMS websites and blogs, too, with the help of a single table. With the help of a simple administration panel, device support Drupal CMS pages, you can improve the content and messages and the content of your website or squeeze pages. Adopting Drupal help, the board of directors can manage their site with ease.

Virtual Marketing Aspect

All the search engines are to get a degree in business and this is first and foremost requirement. Of all resources, Drupal online resources work for the best brand for your website and blog content in order to optimize the positive attention from the search engines which allows niche. All you need is to increase the search engine friendliness of your website by installing modules in the Drupal driven site. In addition, the integration of a content management tool features and the social networking website, your visibility in social media, is to contribute to the site.

Appearance customization

Drupal-based programming language, this is PHP on customizable content management system is the best. What’s more, it allows you to install specific modules for Drupal. However, the modules can only be used to add special features to your web page to get it, and you can get PSD to Drupal conversion service. In fact, tailored to meet the needs of customers’ needs and grow their business in addition to the new features of the website will drive visitors to navigate your site on a regular basis.

Clearly the key issues discussed above require you to choose a special ability to bring your website to Drupal. To do this at the Drupal platform, you must convert your PSD files. However, the need for technical work on Drupal coding knowledge is obvious so as to make a better use of the services of a reputed company requirement for Drupal development.

As a result, an online identity for itself in the pioneer era of web sites using content management systems like Drupal has become the utmost need as experienced by most of the website developers around the globe. This module gives you the advantage of free availability of 5,000 Drupal website development and management services which is very impressive. Drupal as a CMS service helps you to win a chance to prove the modernization of your online image.

Drupal is easy to setup and the first thing you need to do is buying a domain name and a Drupal hosting service, we recommend you check out our Best Drupal Hosting ranking and select a web host there to use.

Media Temple World Cup Promo – 93 Percent Off Hosting

2014 World Cup is coming now, tt’s the biggest soccer event in the world, and it’s kicking off today in Brazil. To celebrate, Media Temple is now offering new customers up to 93% off their first month of premium web hosting for 2 days only. Use coupon code WC2014 at checkout and you’ll get:

  • Grid for $2.14
  • Premium WordPress for $2.14
  • DV (up to Level 2) for $20.14.

Take advantage of this exclusive, limited time offer (valid on monthly plans only).

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Media Temple is one of the top web hosting brands in the world, and this web hosting company is trusted by famous big brands such as jQuery, Samsung, etc, except web hosting services, they also provide Website Design, Creative and Development business to companies, organizations and individuals.

Keyword Selection Tips – Get Better Web Presence for Your Site

In spite of whether you are a newbie to the online business world or you already running a website whose business productivity you want to improve, all the things will depend on Search Engine Optimisation or SEO to achieve your goals. Search Engine Optimisation is a process wherein you use different methods and techniques to improve your website productivity and SERP ranking like the Google.

The main goal of SEO is to get a better ranking position on SERP (search engine result page)  so that when someone search for specific information and find the link to your business site on the top of their search  results page.  Regardless of seeming simple, this is one of the same challenging aspects of running an online business.

Targeting keywords is a core characteristic of your SEO campaign. If you get your choice of targeted keywords or if the keywords usage wrong, then your whole SEO campaign will fall apart like a house of cards. As a result, you must make sure that you know how to select and use the appropriate keywords for your website. Here are some points.

Keyword Relevance

The first thing to using keywords in your SEO strategy, as is noticeable, is selecting the right ones to work with. In reality, if you select the right keywords for your SEO campaign, most of the part will be covered. Amazingly, this is also the part where most webmasters, small business owners, and online marketers weaken.

Most mistakes are made when need to select keywords for the website and it is the most critical aspect of picking keywords. Suppose that you have a business website which is helping other organization in advertising on tradition methods. Then mobile marketing should be referred.

Though, for most of the people on the online world, mobile platform can be the best platform for mobile marketing. So, if you are you using ‘mobile marketing’ as one of your keywords, you would be giving the wrong impression to potential clients and would most probably draw the wrong target audience. You should select keywords that best describe your business.

Another thing to keep in mind, while selecting keywords, is how the Google search engine operates. Even though, plural or singular words of the same keyword would not make much difference to your search engine optimization strategy because Google basically treats them the same way.

Keyword Competition

Competition in the most essential thing that should be taken in account while selecting a keyword. It is the key metrics that show how many business are trying to optimize the same keyword that you are targeting for your website.

If the keywords that you have picked have the higher competition then you will have to work really very hard even double of other business which are targeting the same keyword for their business.

You can pick those keywords which are low in competition and where you will not face much of the trouble to rank. Pick the long tail keywords that are actually a phrase opposed to other single words. Suppose a storage unit business based in Los Angeles, California.

If this business pick the keyword ‘storage unit’ then it is quite tough then using the ‘storage units in LA’ or even ‘storage units in Inland Empire’. Therefore, these keywords will provide you a deeper dig in to your niche.

Keyword Placement

Keyword usability matters a lot here, Google is now more strict and working hard that the websites with the good content get the priority over the websites that are made for the SEO purpose. In each interval of time Google update algorithm like penguin and panda for this purpose.

Therefore, you need to optimize content for the SEO strategy but with providing good information to the user which add the value to what folks are searching for. Keyword stuffing is not good from the both point of views, from the user point of view or from the Search engine point of view. Also adding the them to technical aspect like including to the Meta tags, alt tags and excerpts.

Where and How to Upload Website Files on cPanel Hosting

cPanel is a widely used hosting control panel in web hosting industry, over half of web hosts are using this cPanel with Linux hosting, so there are many new users are getting lost when they upload website files, as there are some folders and files already there once the hosting account is setup, and they’ve no idea which folder to upload their website files to. If you have this kind of questions then keep reading the tutorials below about uploading files on cPanel hosting.

Where To Upload Website Files To

In cPanel the default domain name is called as Primary Domain, it’s the domain name you entered in the domain name field when you purchase the hosting account, if you want to upload files for the default domain name, then you should upload files to folder ‘public_html’. And if you host multiple domains in the same hosting account, except the default domain name, you’ll add other domains in Addon Domain in hosting control panel, and for addon domains, the document root is like ‘/public_html/’,that’s to say, if you upload files for addon domain, you should upload files to the folder named ‘’ under folder ‘public_html’.

How To Upload Website Files

To upload website files on cPanel hosting, you can use File Manager in cPanel, or use FTP software(often called as FTP client) installed on your computer.

Firstly, let’s see how to upload files using cPanel File Manager:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Under Files, click File Manager.
  3. Select Web Root and Show Hidden Files, then click Go.
  4. Click to open the folder to which you’d like to upload your website files to.
  5. Click Uploadfrom the top toolbar.
  6. Click Browse(some web browsers will have Choose File instead).
  7. Select the file on your computer that you wish to upload.
  8. Once the file has been selected, it will automatically upload. You may select additional files while uploads are in progress.

It can only upload one file at one time, so for multiple files, you can compress all the folders and files you need to upload into a single .zip extension file, then upload the .zip file with File Manager and then you can extract the zip file in File Manager, you’ve already seen the Extract button in File Manager, I bet.

Now, let’s see how to upload files using FTP client:

As for FTP client, we recommend you use the one called Filezilla client, it’s a free FTP software and it’s easy to use, if you haven’t got this software then google it and download and install it on your computer first.

Now, open your Filezilla client, you’ll see there are some fields like Hostname, Username, Password, Port. On cPanel hosting, the Hostname is your web server IP, and username and password are same as the cPanel control panel login username and password, port is always 21 unless your web host has set it to a different one. When you input all the information, then click Connect button.

When the FTP is connected, you’ll see folders and files on your hosting account in the Remote area, just open the folder you want to upload files to in remote area, and then find out the files to be uploaded in the Local area, select all those files and folders, right click and select Upload, it will then start uploading your website files. And same as File Manager uploading, you can also upload zip file using FTP and then extract the zip file in File Manager later on.

That’s all of the tutorial on uploading website files on cPanel hosting, if you have more questions or concerns about it, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.